samedi 17 juillet 2010

Keiko Masumoto : artiste céramique japonaise détonnante

Keiko Masumoto was born in Hyogo in 1982. Received M.A. in pottery from Kyoto City University of Art. Received Runner-up Prize at Tokyo Midtown Award Art Competition in 2008, Grand prix in Tokyo Wonder Wall in 2009. In 2010, attended in the exhibition; the Power of Decoration /Craft at the Gallery of The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. This is her first solo exhibition at this gallery and about 10 ceramic works will be exhibited.

At times her works startle us. The unique fusion of object and pottery brought us such amazement. Bold motifs and familiar métier of ceramics cooperate to bring about dynamic forms.

“I want to create my works honestly without being bound down by the framing of craft and art”, she says. Please enjoy the stories and the beauty of form with a sense of humor that associated from their quite Japanese motifs.

* The text provided by Gallery Jin Projects


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