jeudi 17 juin 2010

Exemple de céramique design : Equus by Lladró

Étonnante collection ! Est-ce de la céramique design ?  Il est en revanche très intéressant de voir cette céramique design zoomorphe et kitch avec ces têtes de chevaux comme un écho à l'art de l'âge du bronze...

The Lladró “Equus” collection was designed by Bodo Sperlein. The result: an outstanding porcelain range, which combines unconventional shapes with traditional handcraftsmanship.
Horses’ legs and heads, “recycled” from Lladró figurines, are restaged, in order to create porcelain cups, plates, bowls and teapots that exude an almost surrealistic quality.

By putting the elements into a new context, the designer Bodo Sperlein wants to focus the eye of the viewer both on the fascinating physiognomy of horses – creatures that have played an important role in art and design over the years – and also on the talented porcelain craftsmen at Lladró whose attention to detail is what inspired the German designer to produce this unconventional design.

“Equus” from Lladró is not only a wonderful ornament, it is also meant to be used: The handle, made of a stylized equestrian leg is pleasant to hold and the eye-catching bowl balanced on horses’ heads really is sturdy enough to support an entire “porcelain tower” – as shown in the picture.
Porcelain, handcrafte.

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