mercredi 21 avril 2010

Surtout de table cérmique "Margot" de Bernardau

Of Canadian origin, Claude Bouchard has lived and worked in Paris for the last thirteen years. He divides his time between product design, interior decoration and teaching. Fascinated by traditional artistic techniques for which France has a vast wealth, he attempts to instill them with a contemporary aesthetic and has a particular fondness for fire arts.
  What is a centerpiece ? It is a decorative object that is intended to be placed at the center of a table to embellish it with practical objects ...
This centerpiece is composed of six elements:
-A base in the shape of a star that is decorated on its upper side with a platinum motif set against a sky blue background.
-Upon this base five vessels have been conceived to sit: a fruit bowl, a deep coupe, a square coupe, (decorated with criss-cross design of stripes in green, yellow and orange, set against a light blue background that is punctuated by gold squares), a vase and a tulip vase.

Each piece in the collection has been produced as a limited edition series of thirty.

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